Studio Safety or Playing Nice at the Studio

It’s been my pleasure to open my studio for open torch as well as to teach. As exciting as it is to learn how to make beads and to improve skills, it’s also very important to be safe. So I have just a few safety tips for those who plan to stop by.

First, wear comfortable “work” clothing. Natural fiber is best. I’ve never (knock on wood) had a glob of molten glass drop on my lap5D_IMG_8083; but occasionally as glass is introduced into the flame, the glass rod end will shock and pop little pieces out like a sparkler. These pieces can burn right through many synthetic fabrics but not cotton.

Next, closed toe shoes are a must! Again, it’s not about molten globs of glass that fall onto your foot–it’s the tiny pieces that pop off rods and end up between toes if sandals are your footwear.

Long loose swinging parts should be contained–long hair, loose sleeves, long necklaces. Also the more flesh exposed, the greater the risk. I’ve heard horror stories about low necklines and short shorts.We don’t want to tempt the torch goddess!

Of course, eye protection is provided if you do not bring your own.

All in all, making glass beads is as safe as you make it. Let’s continue to have fun while staying safe!


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